Six Dogs Karoo Gin (1 bottle)

Published: September 7, 2018

Six Dogs Karoo Pack Shot Medium Transparent (3)


Six Dogs Karoo Gin x 1 bottle

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Product Description

A delicate and balanced Gin of 12 selected botanicals, distilled and bottled by Six Dogs Distillery.

Its distinguishing botanicals are grown on their farm, which
intersects three different bio-regions including the Succulent Karoo.
It is from here that they gather the Karoo Thorn flower and Wild
Lavender that make this Gin unique amongst all the Gins in the

On the palate you will pick up the paired notes of Juniper and
Wild Lavender that introduce the Karoo. It is followed on by a fresh
medley of citrus including Limes, Mandarins and farm-grown
Lemon Buchu.

Six Dogs Karoo is best enjoyed as is,over ice and
with a good tonic. It needs no garnish

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