The Constantia Valley:

The Constantia Valley Wine Region dates back to 1685 when its wines were exclusively bought and consumed by the aristocracy of the world, including members of British Royal House and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Today Constantia wines are enjoyed by many who have the pleasure of tasting wine produced in a region of rich protected terroir , protected Mountain ranges and Floral Kingdom kept perfectly by cool sea breezes from the nearby coastal area of False Bay. The wines are perfected by highly skilled and award winning winemakers  whom while making sure they keep up with the classical production methods and traditions of the past, surprise one with new and outstanding quality wines each year.

Constantia Wines Online Shop:

The first and only online shop to exclusively offer you wines from all of the Constantia Wine farms, we are very proud to showcase wines from this historical and World Class wine producing valley.

Our wine shop allows you to select your wines from each Constantia farm and personalise your order. We offer a professional service of delivering to your door but can also supply to your Private functions, Weddings and Corporate events. Secure payment options allow you to purchase your wines with ease and we offer a short and sufficient delivery time from the date of purchase.

Constantia Wines Online Shop is a family owned business:

Lindsay grew up in the Constantia Valley and has over 10 years experience of working with wine in this Wine Region, including assisting one of the local wine farms for many years and building up a knowledge of the wines and what draws clients to Constantia Valley year after year. It is Lindsay’s passion and wine knowledge of these World Class wines that has inspired her to make purchasing Constantia wines even easier by offering the online shop.

Lindsay has also worked for a local business association representing the wine farms in the Constantia valley as well as associated business for the promotion of the valley as an internationally recognised tourist and business destination.

Christoph is an attorney and is focused on the legal side of the company and the administration of the online shop as well as assisting with our international clients.